john galsworthy John Galsworthy – The Man of Property

John Galsworthy viewed English society from within the world of upper bourgeoisie. He did not show much interest in the great world beyond and beneath his class, though in his plays he expressed a deep sense of revolt against social injustice in contemporary society. Late-Victorian and post-Victorian life is criticized in his novels by exposing not the miseries of the poor but the complacency of the aquisitive possessive rich… read more

ehErnest Hemingway – The Man and the Society

After eighty-four luckless days, the solitary fisherman, Santiago – the hero of the Hemingway’s novel – rows his skiff far out to sea, and hooks a giant marlin in the Gulf Stream. The fish tows him farther out to sea but Santiago holds on until after two days and two nights of monumental struggle… read more