nero Pathology of Dictator Nero

Nero has gone through a paranoid progressive alienation with tipical megalomania, the delusion of grandeur becomes a way of justifying the excess of authority. The empire had become his possession because of murders of his predecessors and his mother.  Nero attempted to justify his right to supreme authority through his imaginative artistic qualities. The murder of his own mother was simbolically a separation from the detestable course of the history of Rome and his Iulio-Claudian dinasty that brought him to the throne on the path of crime… read more

batlle hastings The Norman Conquest

At the beginning of the 11th century, England was under the rule of Danish kings, but after the death of the great Danish king Canute, the English became independent again. However, their independence did not last long. When the English king, Edward, died in 1066, he was succeded by his brother-in-law Harold, but Williams, the powerful duke of Normandy, also claimed the English crown… read more