alison Alison

I entered Sinclair Drive. It was a short street and there were lots of young trees in front of its houses. Nothing was new in that street which I knew so very well, but now it was my beloved street and it was wonderful to me…  read more 



lost umbrella The Lost Umbrella

Two days ago, Mr. Smith had come home without his umbrella. “I can’t have left it at the office,” he said. “My secretary always reminds me when I leave something behind.” He tried to remember where else he had stopped on his way home…  read more


batlle hastings The Norman Conquest

At the beginning of the 11th century, England was under the rule of Danish kings, but after the death of the great Danish king Canute, the English became independent again. However, their independence did not last long. When the English king, Edward, died in 1066, he was succeded by his brother-in-law Harold, but Williams, the powerful duke of Normandy, also claimed the English crown… read more

gbs George Bernard Shaw – The Welfare and the Misery

Shaw took great pleasure in ridiculing, upsetting, scandalizing his public, for his object was to satirize, not the invented characters in the plays, but the audience. In this connection he himself tells us: “I must warn my readers that my attacks are directed against themselves, not against my stage figures,” because the readers, the audience, the public, tolerated the state of affairs against Shaw rose… read more