taxi Drive Like Fury

A young man was in a great hurry. He jumped into a taxi. “Drive like fury !”, he cried to the driver.

They turned corners at a great speed and escaped collisions by a miracle. After about five minutes the young man asked the driver…  read more


gbs George Bernard Shaw – The Welfare and the Misery

Shaw took great pleasure in ridiculing, upsetting, scandalizing his public, for his object was to satirize, not the invented characters in the plays, but the audience. In this connection he himself tells us: “I must warn my readers that my attacks are directed against themselves, not against my stage figures,” because the readers, the audience, the public, tolerated the state of affairs against Shaw rose… read more


ehErnest Hemingway – The Man and the Society

After eighty-four luckless days, the solitary fisherman, Santiago – the hero of the Hemingway’s novel – rows his skiff far out to sea, and hooks a giant marlin in the Gulf Stream. The fish tows him farther out to sea but Santiago holds on until after two days and two nights of monumental struggle… read more